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Sunday, September 19, 2004
we've now done a total of two shows here in l.a.

it's odd being relatively far away from the audience. the houses are,
as expected, not as large but they are all eager to see the show and
that is very cool.

it's also odd not seeing victor each day.

other odd things:

doing the show at night
on a satisfied stomach
not wondering if anil is going to show up
the way "irregardless" gets a huge laugh here and not once in scotland
knowing there will be good food (PIPERS!) after the shoe
not having to walk in whatever fucked up weather is going on at that
hour to and from the shoe
not being gang-flyered upon approach
doing the show without chronic homesickness and wife missing

i sure am glad to be back here. man.

we got a really good review in some email theater review thing and
there is an enormous two page spread of the mister snickers garphic
and companion article about the shoe in lacity beat. online is fine,
but the actual hard copy is quite impressive!

i did a radio interview with mr. kabc and victor and i did radio for
some sort of multi-cultural syndicated radio program.

there is at least one offer abroad firming up and another small
college tour in the works for early next year.

the band i play with the thornbirds, http://www.thethornbirds.net,
will start recording early rocktober for the 2nd record. it's an
extension of our deal and everything. just like a real live band. very
cool. travel is imminent with them, too. this is all very cool.

"gee, it's great to be back home..."
Thursday, September 02, 2004
when colin picked us up, i made him go to starbucks. i purchased my
starbucks drink "grande decaf in a venti cup" (that's so it has lots
of room for 1/2 y 1/2 y'see)

victor had some blended something

here's the amazing thing, peeps:

it is now sunny and warm. in three hours, it will be sunny and warm.

tomorrow. it will be sunny and warm.

i won't need a sweater for a couple of months (unless i go to see a movie).

this is how life should be.

last night, i was very american. I drove my suv to the atm and then
went to starbucks and 7-11. it fucking ruled.

talk to me in a month when i'm sick of l.a. again.

ah well...

thank you for listening to me whine.
there were two witnesses to me kissing the ground.
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