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Thursday, October 28, 2004
  dan hates spam
We've closed the Tues/Wed run of spam scam and "re-open" next friday,
nov. 5 and run fri/sat until December 18.

i am, of course, concerned that there will be no audience. doing the
show for 10 people is hard. much easier if there are people in the
seats. so... no one knows how to get people in seats. the folks who do
are running wildly successful shows and we don't know them.

this guy: www.danhatesspam.com came to the show tuesday night and has
now linked us. that is nifty as all get out.

i also talked to a guy from the l.a. times who has actually sat on the
big ugly yellow couch.

that, my friends, is cool-o.

so, we have almost a week off. provenz' is doing sort of "brush up"
rehassles with me and victor and that will help once we get it
digested. i know the little we did the other night has helped me get
back some of the stuff that's vanished and from my little spot on the
stage can tell it's helped victor, too.

digestion. that's good. "i've dropped thirteen pounds and look ravishing!"


still glad we're not in scotland.
Saturday, October 23, 2004
  bigger, longer, and we need butts
it's been a blast at sacred fools... provenz' and golden have been
getting "people" in to see it and the reviews have been great. we just
need to get butts in seats. we've been taping the two side sections
off and that actually helps people not feel so alone and they laugh.

that's a good thing.

i love doing the show. it's always a challenge. there's always new
stuff to get. it's never perfect and that's both fun and maddening.

there has got to be a way to get peeps to see it.

i've done a scrotumload of press and am about to do some more. ( I
talked to a guy who sat on THE COUCH!)

publicists? ads? skywriting?

who knows?!?!

logging what goes on before, during and after producing the two person show "Dean Cameron's Nigerian Spam Scam Scam" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond.

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