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Friday, July 29, 2005
  weather forecast - dean

We're so fucked... What was I thinking?

Weather Forecast for edinburgh, scotland

Currently at 10:54 AM CLOUDY 54°F
Today Cloudy, a shower; breezy High 60°F
Tonight Mostly cloudy with a shower Low 50°F
Saturday 30/7 A shower in places High 59°F
Saturday Night 30/7 Mostly cloudy Low 50°F
Sunday 31/7 Times of cloud and sunshine High 65°F
Sunday Night 31/7 Clear periods Low 48°F
Monday 1/8 Sunny periods High 66°F
Monday Night 1/8 Clear periods Low 55°F
Tuesday 2/8 Sunny spells and patchy cloud High 67°F
Tuesday Night 2/8 Clear periods Low 51°F

Thursday, July 28, 2005
  apex rules - dean

so the little apex media player came through like gangbusters. it will be so
nice to not have to lug my behemoth laptop around, plus, i can give my
machine a little break. but that little media player thing is really cool
and it all looked great.

i need to get a rearview mirror or something so i can see the screen behind
me. with the laptop, i could see what was being projected. with this thing,
i'm just aware of something lighting up.

fascinating, isn't it?

we blew the cobwebs out of the show last night which was nice and made a
little money for the trip. it'll pay for a few dinners and that's what we
were hoping for.

henry dittman rocked as aboyami, though there will always be a special place
in my heart for aldrich. "risk freeee" was genius. he ruled.

nightline taped an interview for a larger segment on e-mail scams and they
hung around and taped the show. i'm going to try to get the raw tape of the
show as they miked us well. good sound is the key to good video, people.

there is a lot to do. mainly, i need to think about packing and then pack.

that is all.

man, i sure hope we do well again.

  4 more days - Victor
OK, so it's really 3 3/4 days, but whose counting? We did the show last night, which was good. I found myself a little nervous before the show, but I think that was more about leaving for Scotland, than performing the show.

Nightline interviewed Dean right before the show. He's such a fucking pro! I think it was a really good interview. Now let's hope they use it.

The show last night was good, and very necessary. We needed to knock a little rust off, especially since we start previews the next day after we get into town. And as much as I thought the show was a little off, the audience seemed to enjoy, so damn what I think!

I'm getting really excited about going back to Scotland. Well, except for the rain. And the fact that it's only 50 to 60 degrees right now. And the fact that we have to walk EVERYWHERE!

Wait, why am I excited again?

Oh yeah, the show! And drinking Guiness until 5 in AM when the sun has already come up. Yeah, some parts will suck, but most if it will kick ass!

Look out Edinbugh, here we come again!

Skinny Black ManThis has been an offical message from The Skinny Black Man
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  wednesday night

We're doing a "get it on its feet again" show at the space, a theater across
from sacred fools wednesday at 8:30pm.

I'm going to try and use the apex media player for the photos rather than my
computer. Less shit to carry.

I am also the proud owner of a very nice fake avocado. It looks really,
really good.

Important to not forget to take it across the pond. Ass it were.

We leave soon. I think we tech the night we get in. That'll be weird.

Friday, July 22, 2005

A woman with a very sexy voice called from Nightline and will be doing some
sort of interview with me. To what end, I do not know.

Pretty cool-o.

  is this thing on

We're getting ready to go.

My hard drive and my back-up hard drive crashed, so I had to rebuild the
power point presentation. Man, that's a drag. What's really stupid is that I
should've just had a fucking cd with the fucking thing on it in the first

I may have had that at one point, but i thought "hey, i've got it backed up
on a whole other hard drive!!!"

Now it's in a directory on the web, too.

the audioblogging thing is pretty damned neat. wonder how expensive that
will be from the u.k.

Rock on!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  Going Back

Well... I said never again and that's always good for "one more time"
and we'll be heading back August 1st to do the big show again.

Right now, however, I'm in the middle of a data loss nightmare which
means I must either locate the powerpoint project or rebuild it before
we head across the sea.

We'll be in the Wine Bar at the Gilded Balloon, which is where the
giant pineapple boys were last year. I think our flat won't be as
crowded and jessie will be visiting and I'll know what to expect this

Perhaps the weather won't be as nutty, either. Who knows. It will be
an adventure again. I hope I have a better time this go round.

I suppose that's up to me, now isn't it?

Why, yes... yes it is...

Mister Snickers says "meow!".

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

is this thing still working?

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