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Thursday, January 19, 2006
  Great Audiences

i would have to say that our new mexico shows have been the best in the
history of spam scam. The audiences rule. they want to see the show. it's
not a hassle for them. i think they're used to seeing shows done by people
who love doing theater and aren't trying to get a tv show.

or i'm idealizing them and we're just a really great shoe and they've never
seen anything like it.

i doubt that, but man, they're great.

i totally beat the opening last night. and i just stopped and told the
truth. "i screwed this up so badly i can't get out of it and i've been doing
this show for almost three years. i am an idiot" and we just continued on.

it's been great fun though i am missing the bride.

plus, the theater company, tricklock, have actually organized this. we get
picked up on time. they stick to the schedule, they're happy that we're
here. it's really, really. cool.

i'm hoping it's like this in malaysia.

on that front, there's been a weird turn where the theater there is worried
about us upsetting the nigerian embassy, so we've changed the show to "The
Email Spam Scam Scam". You know malaysia has lots of censorship stuff going
on and there may be some difficulties with some of the muslim asides i make
in the script. it has to be approved by the government there.

and, you know, i don't mind.

it's their theater and their money and they know what's best and what works
best. the show is not about revolution... i mean, it's subversive and all
that stuff, but... so far there has been nothing i consider a compromise.

pick yer battles.

that's all.

loving it here.

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